Adult Volunteers

Thank you for considering to be an adult volunteer! You make 4-H possible.

Your role can be as minor as simply offering the second Adult Volunteer presence so that a 4-H activity, such as a project meeting, can happen. In this capacity, one could even be reading a novel in the back of the room - although I'm sure the youth will be up to something far too interesting!

Adult Volunteers can be a quiet supportive presence at the back of the room, the Adult Project Leader, or a part of the Club Leadership.

Volunteer leaders must be at least 18 years old, although additional age restrictions may apply for certain roles and responsibilities. (For example, event chaperones must be at least 25 years old.) In order to provide a safe environment for youth, all prospective 4-H volunteers are required to:

If you would like to become an adult volunteer, please contact the Adult Volunteer Trainers (Michelle Myjer,, and Etienne McCullough, for their next available training.

Project Signup Forms

Here is a Project Signup Form that you can use for your own project!

Adult Volunteer Treatment Authorization Forms

Adult Volunteer Treatment Authorization Forms must be filled out by all adult volunteers.