Starting a New Project

Most interests can be planned as a project! A project needs a minimum of 6-8 hours, and two adult volunteers. Many projects already have 'proficiencies' set up at the county level, which allows a youth to work toward mastery of a level of proficiency, usually for a pin to decorate their 4-H hat. If a youth or adult would like help in getting a project started, please contact Etienne or Mary Ann. If you are interested in a subject, chances are someone else is too!

A project is a minimum of six hours and is based on 4-H curriculum. A project leader leads the project. Each project should have at least a teen leader and a junior leader.

Many Projects already have Proficiencies, which may help to plan a Project. Our County’s Proficiencies can be found here

Many Projects have a curriculum as well.

The Annual Project Report is the form for a youth to record what they did in the project - and to earn credit for 4-H involvement! Download them here.

Youth Health Authorization Forms have to be handed in to every project! There may be other events which also require yet another copy, so if you fill it out on your computer, it is a good idea to save it on your computer so you can always just go and print out another copy.