Mini Horse

The Rolling Hills 4H Miniature Horse project is an engaging and rewarding project focusing on horse physiology, psychology, and care. During project meetings, members learn one-on-one with advanced members and project leaders, which provides each member with opportunity to learn in a personalized manner. Members will get opportunities to participate in horse shows, parades, demonstrations, and fun trips. The miniature horse project is interesting, rewarding, and most of all fun!

--A. M.

In the Mini Horse Project we get to play around with our animals, and it's just lots of fun. We learn about mini horses, how they behave, parts of their body, how to take care of them, what to do if they're sick. We also learn about diseases mini horses can get and their symptoms. We take our mini horses for walks, show them, jump them, let them in the pasture, walk them in parades, and train them.

--M. M.