Insects live all around us and we probably see some every day. You probably know something about insects already. Would you like to know more?

This project will help you observe, identify, and learn about the insects that live in your neighborhood.

Whether you think of Insects as creepy, fascinating, annoying, beautiful, or all of the above, this project is for interested observers of insects.

We will work together to increase our knowledge of the characteristics and life cycles of insects, to learn about how some insects are related to each other and are classified into orders, and to practice recording our observations (using techniques of nature journaling) of the insects we meet at home, at school, or in our favorite places to visit.

We will begin by learning about insects and insect collections. In the spring, we will have some field trips so that we can be outside observing insects where they live. Project members will help to decide what types of insects and habitats to focus on.

Our other major goal will be to share our knowledge of insects with our community. We will look for opportunities to represent 4-H by talking about insects.