Ceramics project is run by M B, and its main focus is to teach youth the basics of ceramics in a fun and hands-on environment. Members will learn how to make a simple glob of clay into a work of art. Some of the projects that we do are pinch pots, slabs, clay banks, and raku, although there are many more. Members are encouraged to embrace their imagination and make what ever they want, not just activities lead by the leaders. There is also much to learn about the different types of glaze, such as englobes, which have pieces of glass in them for a unique appearance. At the end of the year, members submit their pieces to the Santa Clara county fair to be judged. If you like art, and don't mind getting your hands dirty, then this project is right for you!

-- S. M.

The Ceramics Project is really fun! One of the things that we do is make pinch pots. We take a piece of clay and shape it into a ball to get rid of the bubbles in the clay. Next, we shape the ball into a pot using our thumb and making a hole. After that, we get to pick the glazes. It’s really fun to pick the different glazes because there are so many choices! Finally, we get to put the pots in the kilm. It is really fun to make the pots and this is a great project to join!