Info for Members

Welcome to Rolling Hills 4-H Club!

There are lots of fun things to do as a 4-Her! The fun starts with a project. Our club has many projects lined up. Please look through the “Projects” page to see which ones you may want to join. If you want to join any one of them, please let us know!

Here are some things you may want to know about how 4-H works.

Useful Topics

Youth Health Authorization Forms

Youth Health Authorization Forms have to be handed in to every project! There may be other events which also require yet another copy, so when you fill it out on your computer, save a copy locally so you can always print out another copy.

Virtual Ranch Tour

Ordering a 4-H Hat

4-H does not have a uniform, but many of the youths have a 4-H hat, where they can display the pins that they have earned. This is optional. Youth 4-H caps can be purchased online here.

County Events

Many of our youth simply attend a county event their first year. Did you know that they can even receive credit for an “Event Attended” in their Record Book? It is an important first step for the youth to decide whether or not they want to participate.

Rolling Hills Club Calendar

Here is our club calendar.

State Events